Monday, August 2, 2010

Thing # 23

My favorite exercises were the mashups and photostory. They were both interesting and fun. I believe my students will really enjoy using any of the two to create projects aligned with our lessons.

This program has made me more knowledgeable on whats available in cyberspace and possible uses with my students and personal life. I will definitely incorporate more technology and all new ideas this coming school year.

I was surprised it took more than 23 hours to get it done. :) I enjoyed the majority of the task especially the ones that required more than just typing your thoughts on a particular subject.

While I enjoyed this project I felt more accomplish when I created something to show at the end of each discovery. I would love to see more exercises that would require you to create something but at the same time shorten the number of activities so each discovery could be completed in timely manner. Regardless on whether changes are made on this or other similar discoveries, I would definitely participate again. I received more than I bargained for from 23 Things!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thing # 22

I viewed all 5 nings and was only interested in Nings for Teacher. It was refreshing to view other fabulous lessons. Educator from all over would benefit from joining this social network. All members would receive and provide wonderful teaching ideas. Its beautiful!

Thing # 21

This is the first time I use and hear of Photostory. I absolutely love it! It was a unique way to be able to share photos from our recent trip to Puerto Vallarta. I can't wait to use it again at home and at school.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thing # 20

It is wonderful to have access to so many videos. I especially liked TeacherTube because everything on there was specific to the search where as YouTube was a more broader search. I chose a video on phases of the moon since this TEK has been added to our curriculum. This particular video shows you how to make a moon box. Its a fun activity where students can create the phases of the moon.

Thing # 19

So many things to view so little time. I could actually explore these sites all day. I was interested in the following ones: Picnik,Google Earth, Mango and Urbanspoon. Picnik is a great site where you can upload pictures and edit them in many ways. Student would enjoy uploading there photo for any given project and present them any way they wish. The map sites allow you to view locations as if you were there in person. Students may use this site to practice coordinates - North, South, East & West. Mango was another interesting site. It allowed you to learn different languages such as Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and even English for ELL. Mango could be bookmarked on students computer to give them another site to explore during bilingual centers. Urbanspoon is a site that gives you list of restaurant in various areas. It also provides a list of where to get good cheap food. This site is especially useful for me since our family always wants to try something new to eat.

Thing # 18

I explored Open Office and realized that it is very user friendly. It has several perks such as having support in your own language with no difficulty, may be installed on as many computers as you wish, its totally free!! Another great feature is that it allows you to create PDF files! Wow!! Open Office is more efficient than Microsoft Office. Using Microsoft Office will require upgrades year after year. To obtain these upgrade you will have to pay for them. Plus there is a limit to how many computers you are able to load Microsoft Office to unlike Open Office. Each time you upgrade you need to learn the new features it has, which in return may be a little more stressful for those who are not quick to acquire new things.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thing # 17

Rollyo is awesome! I love that it was easy to create an account and a searchroll. My search roll was is on water cycle for 1st grade. I added my own sites to search plus the ones rollyo chose for me. The searchroll produced sites with information on water cycles, diagrams, games and much more. I can't wait to use this for class activities. I'm glad that I'll be able to control the site my students can search and all information viewed. I love it!!